Bungee-Corded Bass Zither Really Slaps

Bungee-Corded Bass Zither Really Slaps

Absolutely we have all performed some bass riffs on a stretched-out rubber band prior to, right? [Nicolas Bras] found that the final musical rubber bands are bungee cords, and utilised 7 of them to develop a double-bass zither that can be plucked or struck with drumsticks. Be sure to look at it out in the construct/demo online video following the break.

[Nicolas] is what you may possibly phone a components retail outlet hacker. This is not his initial instrumental rodeo by significantly in point, he has expended the previous 15 several years constructing instruments from stuff like PVC and other normally-accessible objects.

A person factor in this establish that is not so commonly obtainable is the big seem box [Nicolas] created to strap the bungee cords throughout. He also created custom bridges for the bungees that are topped with triangular wood, which tends to make them appear like tiny row residences.

In buy to essentially perform the thing, [Nicolas] arranged the row houses in a 2-level bridge program for dual-notice strings, which audio great concerning the bridges and the bungee hooks, but not so considerably in between the bridges them selves. In general, the zither has a wonderful, mellow sound no subject how he plays it, and we just may possibly have to string a single of these up ourselves.

Not a strings human being? Then you may be sated by [Nicolas]’ PVC pipes, which engage in “Popcorn” beautifully.

https://www.youtube.com/view?v=Television set9vXzCGoug

Thanks for the tip, [Keith]!

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