September 30, 2023


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China launches its first quantum-encrypted smartphone


A Chinese telecom support provider rolled off its very first quantum-encrypted smartphone, May 16, 2022. /CFP

A Chinese telecom service company rolled off its initial quantum-encrypted smartphone, May 16, 2022. /CFP

A Chinese telecom services service provider rolled off its first quantum-encrypted smartphone on Monday, a working day prior to the Environment Telecommunication and Details Society Day.

Launched by China Telecom, Tianyi No. 1 2022 is a smartphone mounted with a quantum-secured encryption module and intent-created SIM card that can encrypt and decipher voice phone calls on the cell phone by the China-manufactured chipset and algorithm, the corporation stated.

A poster for China Telecom’s Tianyi No. 1 2022 smartphone. /China Telecom

A poster for China Telecom’s Tianyi No. 1 2022 smartphone. /China Telecom

Not like conventional cryptography, the technological know-how utilizes one photons in quantum superposition states by which the critical is embedded to assurance unconditional protection among distant events. 

Quantum superposition is a fundamental basic principle of quantum mechanics, which stipulates that a great deal like waves in classical physics, any two or far more quantum states can be extra jointly.

The interaction is, hence, “unhackable” as any endeavor to intercept the essential would be acknowledged promptly both of those to the sender and the meant recipient.

A few sets of quantum-generated keys are applied to full a shielded chat, Zha Zilong, VP of Telecom Quantum, informed CGTN. 

Initial, an authentication key is picked from the 130,000 sets of quantum-generated keys embedded on the SIM card when a consumer initiates a secured get in touch with. Users’ identification will be confirmed in excess of the top rated (OTP) and the quantum network will crank out a new authentic-time critical to encrypt voice knowledge. 

Finally, a quantum distribution key is utilized to shield the the 1 that is shielding voice phone calls. 

The quantum network refers the world’s longest, optical fibre based, quantum critical distribution network that was opened in 2017. In additional than 2,000 kilometers, the community can offer key distribution expert services to 12,000 users at the same time. 

The interaction line connects 5 cities from Beijing to Shanghai, as very well as the Austrian Academy of Science by means of a relay satellite, Micius, the world’s to start with quantum conversation satellite. 

China Telecom experienced released a pilot program to exam out quantum encrypted Voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls via specially created SIM card and smartphone software in January 2021. The newly introduced smartphone can recognize Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to deliver high-good quality secured telephone calls and text messages.

The service is obtainable when both senders and recipients use the quantum-dependent cell phone, and the merchandise prototypes are now in the marketplace for testing in some locations across China, the enterprise explained. 

(With enter from Xinhua)


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