Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max has USB-C, double the battery, and a fan

Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max has USB-C, double the battery, and a fan

The smaller sized a pc will get, the a lot more innovative it will become. Smartphones like the Apple iphone take place to be the smallest personal computers obtainable ideal now, and you cannot conveniently enhance 1 on your have. But it is not extremely hard to change an off-the-shelf Apple iphone 13 Professional Max into a system that has USB-C connectivity, a 3.5mm headphone jack, double the battery lifetime, and an interior fan to boost cooling. But it will not be fairly.

Does the Iphone 13 have USB-C?

For a long time, we’ve puzzled whether or not Apple will make the switch from Lightning to USB-C on Apple iphone. But that has not transpired however, even nevertheless Apple transitioned practically each iPad in its lineup to USB-C. The Apple iphone 13 USB-C rumors came like clockwork, but Apple by no means went that way.

Normally, rumors then stated that the Apple iphone 14 designs may possibly be the 1st kinds to characteristic a USB-C, specially taking into consideration tension from the EU for all suppliers to embrace the similar charging port. But it looks additional probably that Apple will shift to a wireless-charging-only Apple iphone instead than embrace USB-C.

That mentioned, engineers who are not afraid to mess with the iPhone’s internals have extra USB-C connectivity to the Apple iphone by them selves. We noticed an Iphone X with USB-C connectivity providing for hundreds of dollars on the web a several months in the past.

This wasn’t even the to start with outrageous Iphone hardware hack. A unique engineer added a headphone jack to the Apple iphone 7 a number of several years in the past. He did it with out changing the phone’s all round design, save for the 3.5mm port that experienced to be additional to the chassis.

If you’ve witnessed people tailor made iPhones, you will not be stunned to see what is probable with the Iphone 13 Professional Max. An engineer from China gave the handset a huge makeover that contains USB-C connectivity and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The tailor made Iphone 13 Pro Max “Ultra”

TikTok user Douyin decided to go for a substantial update on the Apple iphone 13 Professional Max, turning into an “Ultra” product contrary to something on the sector. Prior to we look at the new options, we’ll also have to state the obvious. The Iphone 13 Professional Max Ultra is not at all rather. It has about double the width, as the modder glued a different situation on major of the current metal body.

That’s what authorized him to add the extra parts to the cellular phone. The USB-C and 3.5mm jack sit on the base, flanking the Lightning port. The modder also tweaked the major speaker to make it louder.

Inside the Iphone 13 Professional Max Ultra, a further battery effectively doubles the handset’s existence. The Iphone 13 Professional Max can last two days on a charge, and it now provides the finest smartphone battery daily life out there.

The extra space permitted Douyin to spot two compact enthusiasts within the Iphone 13 Professional Max Ultra contraption for even greater cooling.

The close consequence is an Apple iphone 13 variation with USB-C connectivity that functions much better battery lifestyle. Additionally, the mobile phone scores better in some benchmarks, which indicates that the excess cooling aids the handset produce peak efficiency for an extended period of time.

Nevertheless, air circulating inside the cellular phone also exposes the factors to dust particles. And this custom made Apple iphone 13 Pro Max is no more time drinking water-resistant.

You can view the videos documenting the Iphone 13 Pro Max transformation at this backlink.

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