Flip Book Animations On The Inside Of 3D Prints

Flip Book Animations On The Inside Of 3D Prints


We have all seen 3D printed zoetropes, and drawn flip book animations in the corner of notebooks.  The shifting, fluid condition of the layers forming on a 3D printer is gratifying. And we all know the joy of concealed, nested objects.

Hackaday alumnus [Caleb Kraft] has a several art parts that all reflect all these. He’s been building animations by recording a 3D printer. The attention-grabbing bit is that his print is created of two objects. An outer one particular with usual infill that offers a solid type, and a layer cake like inner one with good infill. It’s documented in this movie on YouTube.

CAD model of the stack of frames
CAD model of the stack of frames

There are a lot of items to get suitable.  The outer object demands to print without the need of supports. The thickness of the “layer cake” levels establishes the body charge. I had to speculate how he triggered the shutter  when the head was not in the way.

His initially, experimental, piece is the traditional ‘bouncing ball’ animation, inside of a ball, and his mature piece is Eadward Muybridge’s “The Horse, In Motion” within a movie digital camera .

We have lined [Caleb Kraft] just before, of training course. His Moon On A Price range piece is great.  And we’ve coated a selection of 3D printer animations. and 3D zoetropes.  We specifically were being drawn to this a person.

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