September 26, 2023


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Headphone Cable Trouble Inspires Bluetooth Conversion


[adblu] encountered the ever-existing headphone challenge with their Sennheiser Urbanite headphones – the cable broke. These headphones are first rate, and even with the cable difficulties, well worth providing a new lifestyle to. Cable replacement is generally an alternative, but [adblu] determined to see – what would it take to make these headphones wireless? And when they’re at it, just how substantially battery daily life could they get?

Armed with a CSR8635 Bluetooth audio receiver breakout module and a TP4056 charger, [adblu] went on rewiring the headphone internals. The CSR8635 now has a speaker amplifier inside of, so connecting the headphones’ speakers did not require a lot exertion – aside from typical soldering complications, as [adblu]’s soldering iron was too big for the tiny pads on the BT module. They also located a 2400mAh battery, and suit it inside the headphone human body following generous quantities of dremel operate.

The outcome didn’t disappoint – not only does anything in good shape inside the headphone system, the headphones also delivered 165 hrs of audio playback at varying volume. Electronics-clever, it seriously is that easy to retrofit your headphones with Bluetooth, but you can generally go the more mile and structure an intricate established of custom made PCBs! If firmware hacks are far more to your liking, you can use a CSR8645 module for your construct and then mod its firmware.


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