September 26, 2023


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HONOR Magic4 Pro Best in Class GMS enabled Smartphone coming soon with Industry-First Features


Rewriting the rules of innovation and pushing the limits of what a smartphone can do, HONOR is all ready to show its back to the entire world by setting new standards and delivering a magical experience to users around the world with its most premium smartphone line-up.

After starting the year with its very first 5G foldable flagship smartphone featuring an iconic design, the HONOR Magic V, the global tech brand will be soon launching the revolutionary GMS enabled Magic4 Series – HONOR Magic4 Pro and Magic4 Lite through an event in South Africa.

The launch is a real showcase of HONOR’s best in class, state-of-the-art technology and smart innovation and will take the brands flagship line-up to a whole new level.

Packed full of pioneering new technologies and compelling features, the all-new HONOR Magic4 Pro boasts cutting-edge technology to deliver new benchmarks in smartphone design, display, photography, videography, charging and performance.

The premium HONOR Magic4 Pro will be a pain point killer further delivering a magical experience to users around the world and a testament to the brand’s can-do attitude which constantly challenges industry benchmarks.

Groundbreaking photography and videography capabilities with HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master with IMAX Enhanced

The HONOR Magic4 Pro takes a huge leap forward in photography and videography by offering cinematic-level footage.

The device features the HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master and AI Film Effects, offering a dynamic range and rich color expression for shooting videos.

With this the HONOR Magic4 Pro delivers the world’s first 10-bit Log 4K video recording in 60fps (frame per second), beating industry benchmark.

Commonly used to shoot professional-grade movies, the log format allows users to enhance the look of their videos with cinematic color tones in HDR clarity.

Equipped with Cinematic 3D LUT (Look Up Table) capabilities, the HONOR Magic4 Pro supports advanced graphics, controls saturation, brightness, and contrast, helping users to shoot and edit their videos in superior color hues fit for the movies, enabling budding creators to bring Hollywood style colors and moods to their everyday content.

With powerful Triple Camera combination, the device is built with a powerful Triple Camera combination featuring a 50MP Wide Camera, a 50MP 122o Ultra-Wide Camera, and a 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera which supports ultra-fusion computational photography to deliver high-definition images in stunning clarity, instantly.

Enhanced Privacy and Security, powered by AI Privacy Calling Technology

With the new HONOR Magic4 Pro, HONOR delivers best-in-class innovative technology while ensuring maximum privacy.

Offering a groundbreaking new solution to sound-leaking, a common smartphone frustration for many, the HONOR Magic4 Pro debuts an all-new Privacy Calling feature supported by AI and powered by Directional Sound Technology, preventing sound leakage for more private phone calls.

The flagship smartphone also comes equipped with an independent security chip, which provides maximum security for passwords and biometrics like face IDs and offers the world’s highest performing, thinnest and most reliable fingerprint security solution.

AI Directional Sound technology features the first-ever frequency division technology that supports simultaneous sound transmission from the sound-emitting module on the screen and the receiver.

The screen and the receiver work together to adjust the volume of the incoming audio to suit different environments, each time the user receives a call.

While the screen transmits low and medium-frequency sounds to bring a clearer communication experience, the receiver transmits high-frequency sounds to prevent sound leaks, ensuring others cannot hear your conversation even if you are in a crowded but quiet environment like an elevator.

Exceptional Gaming Experience with GPU Turbo X and Upgraded AI Visual Engine

Delivering a true flagship performance, the HONOR Magic4 Pro is backed by powerful HONOR Turbo Engines which maximize the capability of its chipset.

The HONOR OS Turbo X ensures that the hardware and software work seamlessly together to improve fluency, anti-aging, and power consumption.

Designed to optimize gaming performance, HONOR brings the industry first AI Super Rendering technology to mobile gaming through GPU Turbo X, delivering an exceptionally high framerate and network connectivity while generating less heat and lowering latency, adequately satisfying player’s demand for high gaming quality and buttery smooth graphics.

This produces remarkable results in power consumption and performance, enhancing the overall gaming experience on the device.

Industry’s First LTPO Display With 1920Hz PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Dimming

Perfect for those who spend long hours in front of the screen, the HONOR Magic4 Pro delivers Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of 1920Hz, the highest ever achieved in an LTPO screen, minimizing eye strain and providing a comfortable viewing experience, even in low light environments.

With this higher dimming frequency, the HONOR Magic4 Pro reduces fluctuations in brightness and decreases the occurrence of screen flickering in displays that feature brightness below 90nit.

In dark or low light environments such as the cinema, the bedroom or a nighttime taxi ride, this feature helps to relieve visual fatigue and eye strain.

As the latest iteration of HONOR’s flagship smartphone line-up, the HONOR Magic4 Pro benefits from the brand’s strong capabilities in R&D and not only signifies the team’s growth in product development but also demonstrates HONOR’s commitment to strive for excellence.

With a wide range of compelling new features and functionalities the revolutionary device also comes equipped with powerful triple camera combination, powerful 100W Wired and Wireless HONOR SuperCharge, latest HONOR Magic UI 6.0 based on Android 12, superior performance, iconic symmetrical design and visual experience enhanced display.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro guarantees an unforgettable smartphone experience for users. The phone will soon be launched in South Africa.

You can find out more about about the HONOR Magic4 Pro here.


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