November 30, 2022


Put A Technology

OpenDendrometer Can Measure How Your Tree Feels


There are various ways to measure plant health and fitness, and we have noticed quite a few assignments creating open-supply options. A single we have not found is a dendrometer, which consists of measuring many actual physical dimensions of trees to keep track of their overall health and growth. [John Opsahl] is shifting this with the OpenDendrometer, a instrument for monitoring the diameter of tree limbs and fruit.

Little variations in diameter choose location in the course of the working day, and tracking these modifications enables deviations to be detected, which can be a signal of h2o anxiety. About months and months, these measurements can be employed to measure growth and fruits’ progress to harvest. [John] uncovered that a electronic tire tread depth gauge can perform effectively for this application. A lot of of these gauges use the identical electronics as the inexpensive electronic calipers, for which the serial protocol was reverse engineered additional than a ten years back. The OpenDendrometer connects the tire depth gauge to a microcontroller via a 1.5V level shifter, which logs measurements to an SD card while utilizing a DS3231 RTC for precise timestamps. The RTC can also be made use of to wake up the circuit at the needed intervals to preserve battery ability. For the initial proof of idea [John] is making use of an Arduino Professional Mini, but programs to move to an ESP32 at a afterwards stage to allow for wireless details transmission.

Almost everything will be housed in a 3D printed enclosure with a foam wire gasket to make the machine weather resistant. A mounting rod on the outdoors of the enclosure with adjustable thumbscrews will allow the OpenDendrometer to be attached to any component of the tree. We approach to preserve an eye on this project and appear forward to looking at the info it produces.

For the other methods of measuring plant well being, we have lined everything from soil moisture to Normalized Change Vegetation Index and even plant body weight and even pot plant bodyweight.


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