December 1, 2023


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OpenFeature feature flag project applies for CNCF sandbox project status


A consortium led by Dynatrace has submitted OpenFeature to the Cloud Indigenous Computing Basis (CNCF) for thought as a sandbox project.

The observability program expert is building the open up source function flag standard in partnership with LaunchDarkly, GitLab, Break up, Flagsmith, CloudBees, and other individuals.

Element flagging has emerged as a important enabler for productive ongoing program shipping and delivery, devops and web site dependability engineering (SRE) practices by enabling builders to toggle particular software features on and off at runtime, with out deploying new code.

The technique and tooling has also matured a short while ago to allow additional granular function flagging to test operation on certain consumer cohorts, or even as a way to troubleshoot issues by disabling particular operation at runtime.

“Feature flagging is getting traction ideal now with this broad selection of use circumstances and the means to granularly handle element deployment,” stated Alois Reitbauer, chief solution officer for cloud automation at Dynatrace.

Done appropriate, this permits builders to a lot more successfully take a look at new performance and prevent introducing bugs. Done terribly, it can bring chaos as distinct groups have to configure and juggle diverse function flagging libraries and instruments.

OpenFeature aims to offer a unified API and SDK, beginning with Java, JavaScript and Go, which will help developers to have a reliable standard for attribute flags and then layer on their favored tool, be it LaunchDarkly, Optimizely or other well known characteristic administration options.

“Developing this OpenFeature typical will make it possible for groups to undertake the very best answer more quickly, without having introducing new integration requirements,” Daniel O’Brien, ecosystem engineer at LaunchDarkly reported in a assertion.

By getting open and extensible, OpenFeature would like to observe in the footsteps of the rapidly-rising OpenTelemetry challenge, which is starting off to set up by itself as an open typical for metrics, logs and traces. Dynatrace is also a key contributor to OpenTelemetry.

The OpenFeature undertaking will now wait around to see if it is approved by the CNCF as a sandbox undertaking and is aiming for a 1. common availability release by fall this 12 months.

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