November 30, 2022


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Simple Universal Modem Helps Save And Load Data From Tape


Back in the early times of the home laptop revolution, knowledge was usually saved on tape. Even superior, these tapes would make an almighty racket if you performed them on a stereo, because the data was stored in an audio structure.  The Basic Universal Modem from [Anders Nielsen] is developed to get the job done in a very similar way, turning knowledge into audio and vice versa.

The undertaking consists of a circuit for modulating details into audio, and demodulating audio again into details. It is “universal” simply because [Anders] has created it to be as format-agnostic as attainable. It does not matter no matter if you want to shop data on a digital voice recorder, a cassette deck, or an previous reel-to-reel. This make really should function quite properly on all of them!

On the modulation side of items, it is created to be as analog-helpful as feasible. Relatively than just spitting out tough square waves, it modulates them into wonderful smooth sine waves with much less harmonics. On the demodulation side, it is obtained an LM393 comparator which can read facts on tape and spit out a clean sq. wave for quick decoding by digital circuitry.

If you obtain oneself attempting to get well aged data off tapes, or writing to them for a retrocomputing project, this create might be just what you want. [Anders] even goes as significantly as demonstrating its use with an outdated reel-to-reel deck in a practical YouTube video clip.

There actually have been some unusual means of storing facts way again when. Just request IBM. Movie just after the crack.


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