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TapNCharge Reviews 2022: is Tap N Charge Legit or Scam?


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Find out if this is a better way to charge

It is interesting to know that the increased need for convenience has been one major driver of technology. With more and more technological inventions, we can now enjoy more convenience and put our energy into more productive ventures.

Well, technology is at it again, and this time it is in a major sector of civilization, connection, and communication. Our phones have evolved to occupy a very important place in our lives. We need to stay connected, communicate, process businesses, and other advantages associated with the internet.

With increased functions, our phone requires more energy. This is why a smarter way to keep our phones charged is always a welcomed idea. This is exactly the reason why TapNcharge Car is causing a sensation in the market and people cannot wait to have the feel of being techier.

Traditional charging systems require we use cords. While this may appear good enough, it is not, especially when you have to charge on the go because of the nature of what you do. Again, using a cord to charge can be strenuous if you intend to use it while driving.

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Generally, cords are a fading-out technology that is been replaced almost everywhere. Cordless chargers have not been so trendy until now because they were previously too slow and inefficient compared to cord chargers.

This review covers a unique product that has tackled these challenges and is a favorite choice to many people who keep a tab on tech. Find out the specs of this product, how it works, and every other thing you need to know about this product.

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What is TapNCharge? (TapNCharge reviews)

Wireless charging is changing the game due to technological advancements. TapNCharge is a wireless charging station that can be carried around and used to charge your smartphone. When compared to other brands, TapNCharge is less expensive and more efficient and fast.

The makers of this device claim Wireless Charging, an easily attached car charger, compatibility with most smartphones, anytime access, and quick charging.

TapNcharge Car is an improved cordless charger that uses inductance to charge devices on the go. It comes as a sleek 200g device that fits easily on car dashboards, and strategic places like work desks.

Tap N Charge allows you to charge your phone wirelessly without having to connect it every time! To get high-amp, fast charging, simply set up in the charging base and place your phone on the pad. Charging cables can become frayed and worn out over time. Cords can be a thing of the past with Tap N Charge.

TapNCharge charges all current versions of Samsung and iPhones. This technology is so trendy because it actually solves real-life problems. Apart from the ease and convenience experienced when using TapNCharge, it appears as the only workable solution to charging while driving, charging while using GPS services, and a whole lot of other options.

One of the more unique charging gadgets, it includes an adaptor that quickly connects to the back of your phone. It can turn any phone, new or old, Apple or Android, into a genuine, wireless charging capable cellphone once it is installed.

The section of the device that connects to the phone is small and can be hidden by using a case. Once the adapter is connected to the phone, simply place it on the elegant charging pad to charge it wirelessly. It only takes a few minutes to charge and prepare your phone for use. You can say goodbye to faulty charging ports, as well as charging cables and pins that are prone to breaking.

Using TapNCharge also presents other benefits like hands-free calls, use of phones for back sit displays, etc.

With TapNCharge, you can charge the device within 10mm contact with the device. Again, TapNCharge holds your device firmly while driving. You can easily help a friend in your vehicle by simply placing their devices on tap and hold. This is a cool and comfortable way to keep your devices charge irrespective of your schedule.

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Specifications of TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

When going for any tech product, knowing the specifications is so important. Charging devices with poor specifications can spell doom for your device. They can be slow at charging and reduce the battery life of your mobile device.


Below are the specifications of TapNCharge:

  • Size: 80 x 70 x 165mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Input voltage: 5V-2A
  • Transmission distance: 10mm max.
  • Wireless output: 5V-1A
  • Charging power: 5W max.
  • Wireless conversion efficiency: 73%

These specifications allow TapNCharge to serve you on the go!

Key features of TapNCharge (TapNcharge Car reviews)

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Efficient: efficiency is of the essence when it comes to wireless charging. This is because inefficient devices will consume more power and will leave your device almost the same. However, a more efficient device like TapNcharge Car will consume less power and leave your device charged and ready for use.

Easy to use: ease and convenience are one of the major reasons why this product exists. With TapNCharge, you can do away with cords and the stress of handling them without damaging them. You can also charge your devices on the go and worry less about having a flat phone battery.

Again, TapNCharge is very easy to operate. Simply placing your device on TapNCharge is enough to keep your device alive. TapNCharge easily fits car dashboards and is easy to install in other places where their use may be required. This way you can be certain your devices are covered irrespective of how busy your schedule is.

Portable: TapNCharge is a portable piece. You can easily carry it about if you do not have it everywhere you need it. It is also lightweight and does not consume much space.  

Durable: The materials utilized to create this product are of the highest quality. The dock is fairly sturdy, and will not break off easily. Having a durable product lets you enjoy your device and get a good return for your money.

High-Amp Fast Charging: Using Qi wireless technology, you can charge your phone in seconds with this charging pad. This plug will solve your problem if your phone is not charging or if your charger wires are frayed.

Sleek design: having a cool device is not enough. For all I care about, my devices should also have a cool design. I should be proud of showing my devices off to my friends and TapNCharge got you covered if you share my sentiment.

Cordless: just like we are so glad we can finally listen to music without cords dangling around us, TapNCharge is leaving a long list of happy customers who can keep their devices charged without having to keep a cord close by. Cordless charging also implies less stress as you can use TapNCharge even while driving on the highway.

Affordable: no doubt this technology is expanding and more people and diving in. records suggest its users are doubling as the years roll by and we may get hit by a high price due to demand. However, TapNCharge currently sells below $100. Not all, there is an ongoing discount that lets you secure your own TapNCharge for way lesser. Read until the end to find out the discount price.


What comes along with TapNCharge (TapNcharge Car reviews)

Every unit of TapNCharge that is bought from the manufacturers comes with:

  • A charging pad
  • A smartphone mount
  • An adjustable clip
  • A USB charging cable
  • An instruction manual that makes its use simpler than it already is.

What TapNCharge does (TapNCharge reviews)

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TapNCharge charges your mobile devices on the go and enables you to use your mobile devices much more. You can make a hands-free call, play music and videos for the pleasure of people in the car, etc.


How TapNCharge works (TapNCharge reviews)

TapNCharge charges devices with a magnetic field harvesting coil. This coil harvests the magnetic field that is created around the charging pad and uses this energy to charge your device. This way, you can charge your devices without using cords.

How to use TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

TapNCharge is so easy to use that anyone can use it without stress. Simply connect the device to the dashboard

Place your device on the charging pad

Let your device charge using the amazing technology of magnetic fields.

Who should use TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

It can be used by anyone! You can simply keep it at home, and any family member with an Apple or Samsung smartphone will be able to charge it by simply placing it on TapNCharge. People with vision impairment will appreciate it because they will no longer have to try to fit the cord into a tiny plug, but can simply lay their phone down. Though everyone should consider getting this product, however, here are some groups of people that should really consider it

  • Those who have a very busy schedule and have to work on the go
  • Those who like to stay on top of tech trends
  • Those who find the use of cords stressful.
  • Those looking for a formidable brand of wireless chargers
  • Those who know other people on this list.

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Benefits of getting TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

  • Effortless charging: charge your phone irrespective of your schedule or your current activity. TapNCharge enables you to charge your devices on the go with zero stress. You do not need to carry around cords or experience other inconveniences that come with using cords.
  • Easy to use: There is nothing complicated about using TapNCharge. In fact, using regular cords requires more effort than this device. All you have to do is put your phone on the charging pad and that is it! If you wanted to use your phone or answer a call all you’ll need to do is pick it up. No unplugging and no hassle.
  • More output from phone devices: phones have become all too important in today’s world. This is one reason phones die faster though the battery capacity is increased. We have more things to do with our phones. It doesn’t matter if it is communication, business, or entertainment, a lack of power does not have to stop you. With TapNCharge, your devices can stay always charged permitting you to do more with your mobile phones.
  • Easy to use: TapNCharge does not only remove the stress of using cords, it does not replace that with its own stress. It is so easy to use that just dropping your phone on the charging pad is enough to do the job.
  • Affordable: some tech products can cost a lot. However, TapNCharge is not one of such. It costs way below $100 due to the current discount the company is offering now. Tap advantage of this discount and switch to the affordable technology that allows you to charge as you go. Those hours spent on your way to work can get your device charged. Hurry will the discount still apply.
  • Holds devices stable: if your fear is having your phone fall off the charging pad while you drive, then you have nothing to worry about. This is because the charging pad holds your devices securely and you do not need to bother about it. In fact, many customers now use it to hold their phones while they use GPS services to drive. Others use it to entertain those in their car. All of these can be done while charging the phone.

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Pros and cons of TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

Here are some pros and cons of getting TapNcharge Car

Pros of using TapNCharge

  • Charging is simple and quick.
  • More output from mobile phones
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to afford
  • Holds electronic devices stable
  • Can be used on the go
  • Comes with a guarantee policy
  • Comes with amazing customer support

Cons of using TapNCharge

  • It is only available online
  • It can only be purchased from the official website

Danger of using TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

There is no danger associated with using this device. However, poor cordless charges unlike TapNCharge can spell doom for your battery.

The manufacturer cannot guarantee any product that is not purchased directly from the original website. You can avoid all of these. Click on this link to be directed to the original website and get your original TapNCharge with all corresponding benefits.


Where to get TapNCharge (TapNcharge Car reviews)

This article contains the official website link. Clicking on any of the links will lead you to the official website where you can get the original product. In addition, payment means the official website is secured and trustworthy so you do not have to worry about internet fraud.

Only purchases made from the official website come with a guarantee and customer support services.


Pricing of TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

Below are the current prices of TapNCharge:

1x TapNCharge with charge pad, smartphone mount, adjustable clip, USB cable, and instruction manual costs $99.9 but is currently sold at a discounted price of $59.99

2x TapNCharge with charge pads, smartphone mounts, adjustable clips, USB cables, and instruction manuals cost $199.97 but is currently sold at a discounted price of $99.99

3x TapNCharge with charge pads, smartphone mounts, adjustable clips, USB cables, and instruction manuals cost $299.97 but is currently sold at a discounted price of $134.99

4x TapNCharge with charge pads, smartphone mounts, adjustable clips, USB cables, and instruction manuals cost $399.93 but is currently sold at a discounted price of $191.99

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Obviously, 3x TapNCharge is the most popular deal due to its slightly better deals. Hurry while stock last and discounts apply.

Guarantee policy of TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

The manufacturers are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all unused purchases bought from them (through the official website)

Here is an unedited copy of the company’s guarantee policy:

30 DAY GUARANTEE: TapNCharge offers you our 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

How long does the stock and offer last (TapNCharge reviews)

Due to its widespread popularity, the manufacturers are trying their best to meet up to production demands. However, stocks are discounts can only be guaranteed now as we can hardly speak of the future.


When is the best time to buy? (TapNcharge Car reviews)

If you intend to have this product, now is definitely the best time to buy it. Do not hesitate until the discount is removed or until the company runs out of stock. In matters like this, time is definitely of great essence.

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Frequently asked questions about TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)

Here are some questions that most people ask about this product:

Will it be able to charge through my phone case?

Yes! TapNCharge can easily charge through phone cases that are not more than 10mm thick. This should not be a challenge to anyone.

Will TapNCharge Car actually keep my phone in place while I’m driving?

Definitely. TapNCharge has an adjustable clip and is designed to hold your devices securely while you drive. You can charge and use your phone even while you drive as TapNCharge got you covered.

Is there any protection against overheating in TapNCharge Car?

Sure. TapNCharge shuts down automatically if it reaches 600C/1400F. this way you can be sure that your mobile device, your car engine, and your TapNCharge are safe.

What is contained in the packaging, exactly?

Every unit of TapNCharge comes with a charging pad, a smartphone mount, an adjustable clip, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. So much value for the price!

Is there a warranty on the TapNCharge?

Yes. The producers of this product as so confident in their product that they are offering a 30-days guarantee. If you do not find TapNCharge to meet your expectation, you can return it within 30 days and get a return, no hassles, no delays.


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Customer’s reviews on TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)


Erin J

“Wow, I didn’t think my old iPhone would ever work again. It only charges when I hold the cable in place. It is very slow. As soon as I placed my phone on the charging base, it powered up super-fast”.

Victoria C

“I didn’t think that it was going to be that fast, but it works way better than any charging cable. I have multiple TapNCharge car chargers around my house. It is so convenient”.

“I take TapNCharge with me wherever I go. It’s incredibly convenient, and I’m no longer concerned about running out of battery. It looks amazing, takes up little space, and is really inexpensive!” Mike Moore (Mike Moore)

“Thanks to TapNCharge, my phone’s battery lasts considerably longer, and I no longer have to worry about it expiring right before lunch!” “Wonderful buy!” Harry Garcia (Hollywood)

“My phone is almost three years old, and believe me when I say it takes a lot of patience to use.” I was considering purchasing a new one, but my partner surprised me with TapNCharge as a gift. It has brought my smartphone back to life! The adaptor that comes with it is the nicest part because my phone is not Qi-compatible; therefore, I would not be able to charge it wirelessly otherwise. “It comes highly recommended!” Ron Davis –

“Tangled cords upset me easily, therefore this device has drastically altered my life.” It has a very sleek and slim appearance, fits perfectly on my nightstand, and is barely noticeable. “What a wonderful present for your loved ones!” Miller –


Our final verdict of TapNCharge (TapNCharge reviews)


The internet and mobile phones are some of the greatest inventions of man. If put to proper use, they can help in communication, entertainment, and relieving stress, business, work, research, education, etc.

For the benefit of our convenience, the contemporary age has offered us modern technologies. Science has surely provided new doors to make utilization easier. Have you ever felt more at ease with ear pods than with wired earphones? TapNcharge Car provides you with the same degree of comfort. This product’s incredible benefits and features have made it a huge success.

TapNCharge allows you to charge your devices without stress. It does not matter what your job or your schedule is like. You can have your devices charged in good time and get your devices to work more.

Say no to the stress of depending on cord chargers and a big yes to the amazing technologies that make life more convenient.

Hurry while stock last and discounts apply.

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