September 29, 2023


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Top 5 Worst Kitchen Gadgets

There are some brilliantly innovative kitchen gadgets none of us can live without: a can opener being one of them. But there are also many other gadgets that do not deserve to see the light of day, let alone take up space in our cupboards and drawers. So mi note 6 pro what are the worst offenders in kitchen gadget land and how many of them can you admit to buying over the years? Pickle Picker – a multi pronged kitchen gadget designed to help you spike pickles from the bottom of the pickle jar, but seriously, do you really need what is actually just a glorified fork? No, you don’t.

Just use a regular fork from your drawer and save your cash for something you might actually use. Asparagus peeler – cooked asparagus is one of my guilty pleasures, especially when it’s dripping in melted butter and dipped into a soft boiled egg, but I don’t bother peeling my asparagus first, because what would be the point? Like me, I bet you don’t peel your asparagus either, so think twice before asking Santa for an asparagus peeler. Spoon rest – you might utilise a spoon rest to preserve the pristine cleanliness of your kitchen worktop during messy cooking sessions.

Instead of dropping pasta sauce everywhere, use your custom designed spoon rest for perfect spoon placement, except you can just as easily use a handy plate or saucer instead, and for a lot less cash. Pasta maker – nothing beats fresh pasta, which is why so many people rush out and buy a pasta maker after watching their favourite celebrity chef make a fabulous pasta dish. Unfortunately, they soon realise just how much hassle preparing your own pasta actually is, so instead of spending four hours slaving over a pasta maker, just nip to the local deli and buy some authentic Italian fresh pasta instead and you can be tucking into it in a fraction of the time. Apple corer – sounds like a great little gadget, in theory, but an apple corer is about as useful as a cherry pitter. Yes, another wonderful example of a completely useless kitchen gadget doomed to collect dust at the bottom of the utensil drawer.

After all, why bother with an apple corer when a sharp kitchen knife is just as effective? Aside from the five redundant kitchen gadgets above, there are plenty more out there in kitchen gadget land, including the toast mould that leaves an image of a religious effigy on your morning slice, an orange peeler (because peeling an orange with your fingers is really hard work), and “pizza scissors” – just perfect for those times when the local pizza take-out shop forgets to slice your pepperoni into convenient portions or an ordinary pair of scissors is not up to the job.

Keep your gadget buying down to a minimum and leave your kitchen clutter free. Concentrate on improving your workspace instead, get some good storage, be that stainless stainless steel shalving or antique pine. It doesn’t matter having a clean workspace will allow you to enjoy your time in your kitchen more.