December 6, 2023


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Will The Real Commodore Please Stand Up?


The Commodore 64 is a significantly-cherished 8-bit retro laptop that first appeared in 1982 and ultimately pale absent about a 10 years later on. The Commodore business started off by [Jack Tramiel] went on to make the Amiga, and at some point ceased trading some time in the late 1990s. All historical past, now saved alive only by enthusiasts, proper? Nicely, not fairly, as the C64 has been the subject matter of a number of revivals both miniature and full-sized above the yrs. The most recent came in the type of a Kickstarter for the C64x, a seemingly legitimately-branded Commodore 64-formed Computer, but it would seem that has now been paused thanks to a complaint from an Italian organization proclaiming to be the genuine heirs of Commodore. So will the real Commodore be sure to stand up?

The origin of the Kickstarter C64x breadbin C64 Pc is perfectly more than enough documented, possessing its roots in a legit 2010 presenting for which the man or woman guiding the C64x seems to have received the legal rights. The Italian enterprise is also known as Commodore and makes use of the familiar branding from the glory days to provide some Commodore-themed video games, novelties, and a tablet personal computer, but its web site is a tiny restricted-lipped about how it arrived by the use of that IP. Could it have occur on individuals legal rights by way of the 1990s German proprietor of the model, Escom? We’d be fascinated to know.

For individuals of us who held the Commodore faith back again in the working day, this has a disappointing echo of the shambolic marketing that was a hallmark of the model as it entered its interval of decline. It’s very clear that both parties believe their giving to legitimately bear the title, but to have competing entities get each individual other down does no favours possibly to the Commodore fandom or to them selves. Maybe it is time to remind all anxious that the enthusiasts care small about which of the Commodores considers themselves to be the rightful heir, but treatment a lot should this sort of squabbles deprive them of new retro pcs bearing the C= brand.

Here at Hackaday, the Commodore home personal computers are near to our hearts, as our colleague [Bil Herd] was liable for much more than 1 of them. Examine his retrospective on the C64 at 40, and if that wasn’t more than enough, follow him on a tour of the deserted Commodore places of work.


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