December 1, 2022


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Wooden You Like To Hear A CNC-Cut Phonograph Record?


Say what you will about [Thomas Edison], but it is tricky to deny the genius of his self-proclaimed own preferred invention: the phonograph. Capturing seem as physical patterns on a malleable medium was actually groundbreaking, and the essential technological innovation that served as the main medium of recorded seem for a lot more than a century and built quite a few big industries is however alive and kicking right now.

With so much technological heritage powering it, what is the aspiring inventor to do when the urge to spin your personal phonograph information strikes? Uncomplicated — cut them from wood with a CNC router. At the very least that’s how [alnwlsn] rolled just after the “one-per cent inspiration” strike him though slicing a PCB with his router. Reasoning that the tracks on the copper have been most likely about as fantastic as the groove on a document, he came up with some math to describe a high-quality-pitch spiral groove and overlay knowledge from a audio file, and change the whole detail into G-code.

For a suited medium, he turned to the MDF spoil board applied to ship PCB stencils, which soon after about a few hours of milling resulted in a relatively furry-on the lookout 78-RPM file. Astonishingly, the record labored relatively nicely on a wind-up Victrola. The spring-driven motor was a little weak for the significant wooden document and desired a guide guide, but you can additional or less evidently listen to the 40-2nd recording. Even extra shocking was how substantially better the recording sounded when the steel needle was replaced with a chunk of toothpick. You can look at out the complete matter in the video down below, and you are going to obtain the G-code technology scripts above on GitHub.

Is all this talk about reproducing audio applying wiggly traces bewildering you? Woah, there, whippersnapper — verify out [Jenny]’s primer for the MP3 technology for the qualifications you require.


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